How to Protect Your Business Amidst Surging Crime

The Benefits of a Comprehensive, Custom Commercial Security System

How to Protect Your Business Amidst Surging Crime

Across the nation, several communities and cities have experienced growing civil unrest in the last two years. If you live near these cities, you know it isn’t uncommon to see boarded-up windows and doors—efforts by businesses to protect themselves from vandals and thieves. This smash-and-grab crime wave has led to over $800,000 in damage and losses.

According to the Austin Police Department Crime Analysis Unit, Austin, TX, wasn't spared, experiencing large protests and social unrest in late May 2020. At this time, the number of robberies began to increase, and gun offenses in 2020 ended higher than in any other year. 

Organized retail crime also made headlines with videos showing brazen groups of gang members entering stores with little concern, grabbing what they could as they made their way through the building. Entrepreneur reported that of the 8.9 million crimes reported in 2020, over 60% were crimes against property. To protect themselves, business owners turned to a commercial security system.

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Protecting Your Business

While it may seem nearly impossible to protect your business in these unusual times, an integrated commercial security system can help protect employees, data, property, and other assets. In addition to safeguarding against burglary, it guards against vandalism and internal environmental threats. In today’s environment, no business should be without one.

Because these systems are custom designed, taking into account the size of a business or organization and the industry, they offer a robust solution while staying within the required budget. Let’s explore a few of the options in a commercial security system

Video Surveillance

A video surveillance system serves multiple purposes. It acts as a deterrent to both external and internal threats. Should a crime occur, video footage provides proof in the event of an insurance claim and may identify the suspect. Today's security cameras have come a long way since their predecessors, providing detailed images, even at night, and offering 360-degree views. Some offer facial and license plate recognition. 

When something out of the ordinary occurs or a digital tripwire is breached, you or your security team will receive an instant notification. You can check in on the live video feed via your laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world. 

Intrusion Detection

This system protects your facility’s perimeter with specialized sensors that alert you when entrance and exit points are breached. This includes door and window sensors, motion and glass break sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fence-mounted sensors, and video cameras with detection analytics. 

Access Control

Taking control and monitoring who has access to your business helps keep employees and assets safe while protecting against internal theft. For example, access permissions to entrances and rooms can be immediately granted or denied from your laptop or smartphone. Administrators can also note the time employees arrive and depart. 

This represents a few of the many possible aspects of a robust and integrated commercial security system. At ASAP Security Services, we’ve been protecting businesses, government agencies, and schools since 1947. To learn more about commercial security or to schedule a complimentary walk-through and consultation, contact ASAP Security Services today. 


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