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How Cloud-Based Security Systems Enhance Your Surveillance Solution

OpenEye Brings Affordable, Flexible, and Secure IP Surveillance to Your Premises

How Cloud-Based Security Systems Enhance Your Surveillance Solution

Surveillance and security increasingly need to be flexible, fast, and accessible. Network and cloud-based security systems offer convenience and versatility, but this often comes at a cost. Integrating, operating, and maintaining networks of cameras, recordings, and remote access can consume a large part of your IT department’s resources. 

OpenEye produces high-quality video monitoring, reliable recording, and secure access from anywhere in the world with minimal oversight from your IT department. Deploying OpenEye’s combination of cloud-based systems and local hardware saves time and money, utilizing the most efficient local network and the power of the cloud. The system uses the cloud for management operations and file storage, while video recordings stay in local NVR’s (networked video recorders) for faster performance and smoother operations.

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