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Articles in Category: School Door Locks

Robust and secure school door locks are essential to keep intruders out and monitor movement on school grounds. Learn more about reliable options here.

Improve School Security by Upgrading to Electronic Door Locks

Standard mechanical door locks and keys are a security liability on campus

Improve School Security by Upgrading to Electronic Door Locks

School door locks are a vital line of defense against security threats on your campus grounds. If an active shooter enters campus, a door lock is one of the security measures standing between a gun and a child’s life.

But in recent years, your standard mechanical locks and keys have become more of a security liability than a security aid. On a large school campus with hundreds of doors, administration wastes a lot of time and money dealing with issues like replacing lost or stolen keys (and the locks they’re attached to) and failing to document key distribution properly.

Electronic door locks offer several advantages over standard locks for your Rio Grande Valley, TX school. Keep reading to learn three primary benefits.