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Neutralize the threat of gun violence with a gunshot detection system. This innovative system helps you identify and apprehend shooters on your Katy, TX property.

How Do Gunshot Detection Systems Work?

Learn How You Can Protect Your Texas Business, School, or Organization

How Do Gunshot Detection Systems Work?

We hope you’ll never have to use a gunshot detection system. But in the rare case it’s necessary, everyone in your organization will be deeply grateful the technology was in place. 

Whether you’re looking to improve the security of an office building, a school, a government building, or another commercial space, gunshot detection technology can assist where human instincts cannot. 

In the unlikely event of a shooting, frantic 911 calls often can’t locate where exactly a firing occurred. But with gunshot detection technology, you’ll be able to instantly notify authorities of the location on your property. 

With today’s frightening headlines, we all want to protect people as much as possible. If you're curious about how gunshot detection works and will help your Katy, TX organization, learn more below.