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ASAP Security Services offers advanced automation solutions like lighting control for commercial properties in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas. Call us at (877) 418-2727.

How Lighting Control Makes Your Building More Efficient

Blend Natural and Artificial Light for both Comfort and Energy Efficiency

How Lighting Control Makes Your Building More Efficient

Did you know that 65% of the typical office building’s utility bill comes from lighting and HVAC usage? Getting a handle on these areas can go a long way toward curbing energy consumption in your Corpus Christi TX buildings and commercial properties.

Lighting control is an automation technology that makes it painless to make your properties energy efficient. But it’s smarter than just turning lights off on a schedule. The best lighting control systems use a sustainable concept called daylight harvesting. As you might guess from the name, it's a method to maximize natural light in smart ways for both comfort and efficiency. Read on to learn more.