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ASAP Security Services offers advanced solutions like fever detection systems to help with the COVID-19 response in the Memorial area and throughout Texas.

Are Fever Detection Solutions Still Necessary?

As the Pandemic Continues to Surge, All Options Should be Considered

Are Fever Detection Solutions Still Necessary?

As COVID-19 continues to surge across the U.S. to another level, organizations of all sizes are still coping with its effects. While a vaccine is clearly on the horizon, it will be months before the country gets back to normal, and that may be a new normal that incorporates some lessons learned from dealing with a deadly pandemic.

Fever detection has been a mitigation solution widely employed in workplaces and other locations to help prevent the spread of disease. While no magic bullet, it is a viable option, along with masks and social distancing, to keep potentially sick people separated from healthy ones.

We’ve written extensively on these pages about various fever detection solutions and implementation issues. Many companies have responded to the pandemic by avoiding physical contact with capacity limitations and extended work from home programs, schools have hybrid learning and distanced operations, and sports have been played with sparse audience attendance. While many public businesses and premises – like medical facilities – have opted for manual fever checks, faster and more automated means have proven useful to companies with large numbers of employees, like Amazon.

Should your Memorial, TX, organization consider a fever detection solution as part of its pandemic mitigation strategy ahead of a vaccine rollout?  Keep reading for some critical considerations.