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Articles in Category: K-12 Access Control Systems

Monitor staff movements and visitor management on school grounds with a K-12 access control system. Learn about different types of systems in our blog series.

Mobile Credentials: The Future of K-12 Access Control Systems

Smartphone-based access control is secure, convenient, and easily scalable

Mobile Credentials: The Future of K-12 Access Control Systems

In recent years, K-12 access control systems have become a vital component in comprehensive school security systems. Access control solutions eliminate security vulnerabilities that metal keys and locks create and allow school administrators to monitor activity around school entryways and exits. Traditional access control credentials include key cards, fobs, PINs, and even biometric facial or fingerprint scans.

But another type of access control is beginning to trickle down to the school level: mobile-based credentials that utilize digital keys stored in an individual’s smartphone. What’s driving the mobile movement? Increased encryption, easy scalability, and convenience, for starters. Keep reading to learn more about what a smartphone-based access system has to offer Waco, TX schools.