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Increasing School Violence Mandates Increasing School Security

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Increasing School Violence Mandates Increasing School Security

This is an undoubtedly challenging time for our school systems. Shortages of teachers, substitutes, and bus drivers have left schools scrambling for alternatives. Increasing workloads have only furthered teachers’ discontent. According to a survey conducted in February 2022, 66% of Texas educators recently considered leaving their jobs.

Not only does this affect the classroom environment, but it also decreases the staff that walks the hallways, keeping an eye on the kids when they're out of class. This and increasing stress in school and home environments have resulted in rising violence and the need for improved school security threat management.

Unfortunately, we all remember the accidental deadly shooting at a Bellaire, TX, high school in 2020. From 2016-2019, the Houston Independent School District recorded 92 disciplinary actions for guns. According to the Dallas Morning News, at least 101 incidents of gunfire occurred at schools in 2021, resulting in 56 injuries and 21 deaths.

Fortunately, there are several steps that schools across the country and in Texas are taking to help create a safer environment for our kids.