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Let us bolster the security in your Waco, TX, school with a gunshot detection system. Within seconds, staff and authorities get an alert for a more efficient, speedy response.

What Can You Do to Prevent the Next School Tragedy?

Proactive Steps to Prevent & Respond to an Attack

What Can You Do to Prevent the Next School Tragedy?

In the aftermath of a school shooting, people’s natural reaction is to look for immediate solutions. Many experts chime in with things they think could make a difference—from stronger gun control laws to arming schoolteachers. You know securing your Waco, TX school is a top priority, but do you know where to start?

Is hardening your school security and improving response times the priority? Is a public health approach more efficient? In this blog, we highlight the ways both work together to create a safer environment for your students. Everything from threat assessment teams to gunshot detection systems plays a vital role in your school security.