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Protect students, teachers, and staff in Austin, TX, with a new school surveillance system. Learn how the latest in school security keeps everyone safe!

School Surveillance In Today’s America

How Will Students, Teachers, and Staff Experience Their School Surveillance System?

School Surveillance In Today’s America

School shootings and bullying are a reality in America, and it seems like every week the news of violent threats crawl closer and closer to us and our families. Taking a proactive approach to security is now more important than ever. To counter the anxiety this situation generates among students, teachers, and staff, there is no substitute for a robust, non-invasive school surveillance system

At ASAP Security Services, we design, install, and automate state-of-the-art smart security solutions for schools across Austin, TX. From smart analytics and subject recognition features to professional remote monitoring, our surveillance systems give you all the latest products, technologies, and industry trends that you need to keep everyone at school safe. 

To give you a better idea of what we can do, here is a brief walkthrough of how students and teachers will experience a new surveillance system throughout a school day.