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OpenEye is an innovative, cloud-based video surveillance management solution with powerful, intuitive applications and administration features. Learn more here.


OpenEye’s Simple And Secure IP-Based Video Monitoring Offers Affordable And Efficient Surveillance


If you own or operate a business or commercial space, then you are well aware of the need for comprehensive surveillance and security. Keeping tabs on staff, inventory, and property is hard enough when you are overseeing one location. However, adding geographically distant places or multiple buildings on a commercial campus makes your security team’s job almost untenable.

Perhaps you have already tried or researched cloud-based security systems but found the cost of equipment and person-hours operating and maintaining it to be unworkable. The OpenEye system offers the ability to access 4K remote live monitoring and recording with minimal oversight by your IT department.

The OpenEye system runs smoother by deploying a combination of localized hardware and network-accessible tools that automatically alert you to potential issues while running continuous system diagnostics.

Are you intrigued by how your Austin, TX surveillance and security can offer more coverage while lowering overall costs? Continue reading to find out how.

Why OpenEye is the Future of Video Surveillance

OpenEye Combines the Best of the Cloud with Secure Local Recording

Why OpenEye is the Future of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have been around for a long time. When video recording transitioned from analog to digital technology, vast new worlds were opened up in video surveillance. Digital brought the ability to store vast amounts of video efficiently and the ability to index and find specific footage quickly.

Cloud computing has also brought a sea change in information services. Out smartphones depend on cloud-based applications for most of what the apps do.  In video surveillance, the cloud also brought significant advantages. Cloud computing delivers the ability to deal with a huge number of devices and synchronize information across devices and systems efficiently. But in video surveillance, complete reliance on the cloud can have disadvantages in speed and security, depending on the application. One company, OpenEye, has managed to fuse the best of local video surveillance with secure cloud management and features. OpenEye is simply a smarter way to do video surveillance. For many commercial and high-end residential video surveillance applications in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, it offers the perfect balance of ease of use, administration, and performance. Read on to learn more about this innovative video monitoring solution.