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Protect Texas’s children by installing a weapon detection system at your Houston, TX, school.


Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Weapon Detection


Everywhere you go today, people are talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it can enhance our day-to-day activities. School administrators are also curious about how AI can help with a growing problem in their buildings. Violence in schools has become overwhelming to teachers, students, parents, and school resource officers. It’s all over the news, and typical means of screening school entryways are not cutting it anymore. So, what can be done?

AI technology has great potential to help schools detect and mitigate threats faster, especially when used in weapon detection systems. By harnessing this power, schools can create safer learning environments for students and staff. 

Continue reading to learn more about this developing technology used in schools nationwide and in Houston, TX.

Protect Your Staff and Students with a Weapons Detection System

Concealed Weapons Detection Pairs With Avigilon Security Solution for Easy and Efficient School Security

Protect Your Staff and Students with a Weapons Detection System

Schools should be safe places for students to learn core skills, socialize, and explore their hobbies and interests. However, with increased school violence, many students and teachers may worry more about their safety and find it hard to focus on academics. Implementing a concealed weapons detection system in your Houston, TX school makes your school a safer place where students can focus on what’s important. Avigilon is a high-quality security system used at schools across Texas. They offer video surveillance, access control, video analytics and more, and all of their solutions can be controlled through the Avigilon Control Center

The concealed weapons detection system, powered by Evolv technology, integrates with your Avigilon Control Center for ease of use. If the alarm is triggered, it will instantly send an alert to your ACC, which will notify all security operators. In addition, the concealed weapons system will stream live video to the ACC alongside security camera footage.