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Broadcasting alerts throughout the building within seconds is possible using the K12 mass notification system. Click here to learn how ASAP Security Services can help.

Increase School Safety with a K12 Mass Notification System

Reach Parents and Staff Effortlessly Through Multiple Communication Channels

Increase School Safety with a K12 Mass Notification System

In today's school environment, effective and immediate communication is more critical than ever. Every second counts in emergency situations, whether an active shooter incident, lockdowns, evacuations, a weather-related event, or a natural disaster. Active shooter incidents in particular typically last, at most, 10-15 minutes, with the first few minutes the most critical time to take action and alert those involved so they can seek safety.

More commonly, schools in Lubbock, TX, need a way to reach parents, staff, administrators, and teachers regarding everyday affairs, ranging from school event cancellations, early dismissals, PTA announcements, schedule changes, parent-teacher conferences, rental device management, and much more. The answer to distributing emergency and daily information is a mass notification system

Let’s explore how these systems help send real-time messaging in the event of emergencies or regarding day-to-day events and school news.

How a K12 Mass Notification System Can Keep Students and Staff Safe

In Case of Emergency, Notify, Notify & Notify

How a K12 Mass Notification System Can Keep Students and Staff Safe

A K12 mass notification system is vital to protect teachers and students on school grounds. During an active shooter situation, natural disaster, or another emergency, these notification systems provide timely, accurate information to all members of the school community, helping coordinate a rapid response. 

At ASAP Security Services, we partner with leading industry brands to offer our clients in Amarillo, TX, the most efficient school security solutions available. Among our partnerships, Crisis GO is worth a further look. 

Read on to learn more about Crisis GO, its school security systems, and the role of mass notification systems in protecting our students.  

Keep Your Campus Secure and Safe with a K12 Mass Notification System

Learn the Benefits of a System That Protects Children and Informs the Surrounding Community

Keep Your Campus Secure and Safe with a K12 Mass Notification System

These are troubled times, and keeping students and staff safe is an ongoing challenge. The news is filled with examples that reinforce the urgent need for K12 mass notification systems. Relaying information to everyone is critical in emergency situations. You do not want gaps in communications causing confusion, disseminating misinformation, or making the situation worse. 

Our professionally designed and implemented systems give you the power to inform teachers, students, administrators, parents, and first responders when an incident occurs. Whether it’s a weather report or the threat of violence is at hand, you can generate segmented messages that instruct those on an affected campus, parents, media, and the police response from inside a building or in a remote office. 

To discover the benefits for your Katy, TX school system, continue reading below. 

9 Ways a Mass Notification System Can Help Your School

Keep Everyone Safe & Informed with Push Notifications, Texts, and Calls

9 Ways a Mass Notification System Can Help Your School

Do you want to improve your school’s safety? While automated door locks, alarms, and cameras help ward off potential threats, communication is a key factor in keeping students, staff, and families safe and informed. 

When people don’t know what’s going on or what to do during an emergency, panic and chaos ensue. Whether there’s a large storm approaching or an intruder on campus, you can provide necessary information and peace of mind through a K-12 mass notification system

Read on to learn how mass notification works and the many times it can benefit your Corpus Christi, TX, school. 


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