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Articles in Category: Fever Detection Houston TX

Fever detection technology like thermal cameras and temperature screening kiosks can help keep individuals safe in Houston, TX, during the time of COVID-19.

How Businesses Are Using Thermal Cameras in the Workplace During COVID-19

Thermal Imaging Systems Are Being Used to Detect Fevers in Employees

How Businesses Are Using Thermal Cameras in the Workplace During COVID-19

Unfortunately, as the Delta variant continues to spread, mask mandates and vaccine requirements are gaining traction. Despite the setback, more companies in Houston, TX, are requiring that their staff return to the workplace, a request that many employees, having spent almost a year working from home, are not in favor of.

To combat the hesitation, employers are offering a compromise—part-time remote and part-time office participation. This gives employees time to work as a team while appealing to their desire to skip the commute. Despite the solution, employees are pointing to the rising cases in COVID-19 and safety concerns.

Fortunately, there are steps that operators can take to help employees feel safer when working from the office. One of these procedures is fever detection or thermal imaging.