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Articles in Category: Vape Detector

ASAP Security Services provides technology solutions like vape detectors to help maintain school campuses as healthy, vape-free environments for students.

Make Your Campus a Vape Free Zone

Vape Detection Systems Protect the Heath and Well-Being of Your Students

Make Your Campus a Vape Free Zone

School security often centers around alarm systems, surveillance camera systems, gunshot detectors, and other threat prevention and suppression activities. The past year has seen health-related monitoring and access control technology become ubiquitous in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Vaping has been a concern in recent years; despite in-person interventions, the allure of these e-cigarettes has continued to grow. Administrators and educators have scrambled to quell this trend with some success, but the threat of student well-being is still ever-present. The concern is even more significant with the knowledge that COVID-19 transmits through a particulate spread in the air. 

New vape detector sensor systems give you the tools to root out these activities and develop new strategies to prevent them from occurring again on your Woodlands, TX campus.