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Are you concerned about the rise of violence in Lubbock, TX, area schools? Discover how a sophisticated weapon detection system stops trouble before it can happen.

Stop The Worst-Case Scenario With A Weapon Detection Systems

Ensure Students and Faculty Have A Safe And Secure Environment For Learning And Growing

Stop The Worst-Case Scenario With A Weapon Detection Systems

A good education prepares individuals for a bright and constructive future, but when students and faculty are concerned about violent outbursts, they cannot entirely focus on learning. While preventing such episodes requires vigilance from parents, teachers, and the community, installing a weapon detection system is essential.

A report by the  National Center for Education Statistics indicates a troubling trend. The May 2022 document states: "During the 2019–20 school year, 2,400 public school students from kindergarten to 12th grade were reported to have possessed firearms at schools in the United States. This translates to an overall rate of 5 firearm possessions per 100,000 students."

Are you looking to improve your Lubbock, TX, school's safety and security? Continue reading below to learn more.