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ASAP Security Services installs gunshot detection systems in schools in Memorial, TX and across the State of Texas. For a solution that will keep your school safe, call us today.

How to Prepare Schools Now for Possible Reopening This Year

Install the latest security features in schools now to prepare for a safe reopening

How to Prepare Schools Now for Possible Reopening This Year

Coronavirus is top of mind for educators and school administrators as we work to determine how and when schools can reopen safely. And while controlling the spread of a dangerous virus is rightfully the primary concern, it’s not the only threat that students will be facing when they return to school.

Unfortunately, violence, bullying, break-ins and school shootings can occur at any time and under any circumstances. When schools reopen in Memorial, TX, make sure your students return to a safe and secure environment on all fronts.

When classroom doors reopen, you’ll have your hands full with fever screenings, mask checks, social distancing and other safety measures for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. That’s why right now is the best time to upgrade your campuses with security tools like gunshot detection, access control and security cameras. With top-of-the-line security technology in place, you can focus solely on keeping students healthy and well without worrying about other crises. Keep reading to learn more.