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3 Reasons Facial Recognition is a Must for Your Business

Protect your company from intrusion with biometric access control

3 Reasons Facial Recognition is a Must for Your Business

Facial recognition is a form of biometric access control. In this case, a person’s facial features are recorded and stored in the database. The access control software reads a person’s face, and if it matches with the data stored, access is granted. But if the system fails to recognize the person’s features, the doors remain locked.

It is a simple yet effective solution that can dramatically boost security and offer countless other benefits. Read on to learn the top 3 reasons your Katy, TX business needs biometric recognition.

Improve Security and Access Control With Facial Recognition

Learn Why Biometric Verification is the Fastest Growing Safety Application

Improve Security and Access Control With Facial Recognition

One of the most critical safety and security components is verifying and approving individuals for entry. While photo ID, keycards/fobs, and pushbutton combo locks furnish a semi-automated method for allowing only credentialed people, it is not infallible. 

facial recognition system protects against lost or stolen cards, unlocking doors and approving the release of restricted inventory with the unique features of a person's face. Modern systems consistently produce accuracy rates of 97.7% across all demographics; as such, their implementation has grown considerably over the past few years. 

Are you looking for assured identification and attendance verification for your Houston, TX institution? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

Facial Recognition Is Now Available for Business Owners

What You Need to Know About this New Technology

Facial Recognition Is Now Available for Business Owners

Facial recognition technology is no longer a mere fantasy from sci-fi movies. It’s real,and it’s available for business owners today. One in four British retailers is already using facial recognition technology to catch and prevent theft and crime. Here in Texas, we have laws about the use of facial recognition. But with your employees’ permission, the technology can be an invaluable asset to your building’s security.


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