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Help your students make the grade by installing a robust school automation system. Your school in Houston, TX, sets itself up for success with smart technologies.

School Automation Incorporates AI Technology to Optimize Safety

Using Technology to Safeguard Our Schools

School Automation Incorporates AI Technology to Optimize Safety

While much of our attention has been drawn to school shootings, school districts and parents are more than aware that school violence extends far beyond this extreme act of violence. Much more common is the everyday bullying, threats, assaults, and weapon-carrying. 

While coming up with a solution has proved challenging, schools are keenly aware that technology can provide a stopgap to protect as many students and teachers as possible while alerting school officials to potential threats before they become actual tragedies. 

School automation is one technology helping schools in Houston, TX, achieve this goal. Let’s explore a few of the automated responses today’s technology offers. 

Why School Automation Makes the Grade

3 Ways Smart Technology Gives Your Pupils a Better and Safer Learning Experience

Why School Automation Makes the Grade

Suppose people 50 years ago saw the technologies we use in our schools today. They’d think we were living on another planet! Now, we have computers, high-definition TVs and projectors, automatic door locks, futuristic security cameras, and so much more. Smart technology fills our schools and improves the educational experience for our students. And yet, so much more can be done to enhance the safety, learning environment, and comfort level for pupils, teachers, and staff.

School automation gets high marks on all fronts. It provides a level of security and learning unheard of decades ago. Keep reading to learn about the three-building automation systems that are perfect for your school in Houston, TX.