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Updating Access Control Systems for Security and Safety in 2022

Today’s Access Control Systems Are Secure, Reliable, and Safe

Updating Access Control Systems for Security and Safety in 2022

Today’s access control systems leverage biometrics and smartcard technology to control access to buildings and restricted areas. HR and accounting also use the system to track employees, contractors, and vendors. But, what happens as more employees and operators work remotely? And are these systems secure against the growing number of cybercriminals?

As the business landscape transforms around us, the need to update legacy access and security systems becomes more critical than ever. Here, we’ll cover a few of the reasons you may need to update your San Antonio, TX, access control system.

How Access Control Systems Improve School Security

Limit School Incidents with Modern, Automated Access Control

How Access Control Systems Improve School Security

While it would be ideal to have open campuses in our schools, the reality is that too many incidents can happen that put students, teachers, and staff at risk.  Although violence in school would be the first thing anyone wants to prevent, other problems can occur when a campus is fully open. An irate parent can be a problem to staff, a parent in a custody battle might try to abduct a child, or theft of valuable school equipment like computers can occur.

Of course, over 90% of schools report employing some access control system, even if it is just limiting open entries, so people have to sign in to visit parts of the school. With newer access control systems, schools in Bellaire, TX, can add an extra layer of security at all grade levels. While high schools tend to be more open than middle and elementary campuses, using technology effectively can balance the flexibility of access for those that who it with school security. Keep reading for more.

Should You Use Facial Recognition for an Access Control System?

A Q & A on How Facial Recognition Adds an Extra Layer of Security

Should You Use Facial Recognition for an Access Control System?

Facial recognition was once a technology that seemed like science fiction. Today it is commonplace, with Apple and other smartphones employing facial recognition for security purposes. If it works for smartphone security, why not use it for your workplace's access control system?

Regardless of how common facial recognition may be in the smartphone world, most organizations don't rely on it. Card and magnetic fob access systems are ubiquitous, as well as keypads for manual code entry. You may have questions about its efficacy, speed, security, and costs. Keep reading to see if facial recognition technology makes sense for your access control solution in San Antonio, TX.

Want an Access Control Solution that Doesn’t Lock You In?

Discover DNA Fusion, the Open Access Control Platform

Want an Access Control Solution that Doesn’t Lock You In?

Commercial software products are built to solve specific problems. Long ago, almost all of them were highly proprietary and would connect or work only with products from the same vendor. When IT departments looked at solutions, they would standardize around a single vendor in a given area to avoid an assortment of solutions that didn't play well together, if at all. 

Access control solutions tended to be this way; they would only work with other security software from the same vendor. Open Options Access Technology, based just up the road from Waco in Addison, Texas, set out to change that with a philosophy of developing an open access control system platform that integrates easily with other solutions such as video surveillance and many more.

Read on to learn more about DNA Fusion and their open approach to security management systems.


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