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Invest in technology that brings greater peace of mind to students and staff. From gunshot detection to security apps, find out which are the best options for your Rio Grande Valley, TX, school.

How Can You Keep Students Safe During Sporting Events?

Afterschool Shootings Becoming a Dangerous Reality Throughout the Country

How Can You Keep Students Safe During Sporting Events?

The New York Times reports that gunshots have broken out in over 20 afterschool sporting events since August of last year. Yearly pushes to increase school security in response to shootings have left behind one glaring vulnerability: afterschool activities. 

In response to high-profile school shootings, many schools have implemented stronger access control solutions with IDs needed to enter any building on campus. Very few sports fields or courts offer similar security for students. Virtually anyone with a ticket—if that—can walk right in.

You don’t have to settle for subpar security on this part of your property, especially with football being such a huge part of school life in Rio Grande Valley, TX. Employ video surveillance, gunshot detection systems, and security apps to provide a safer environment for afterschool activities.