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ASAP Security Services offers advanced access control systems and security solutions for Bellaire and greater Houston, TX schools.  Call us at (877) 418-2727.

How Access Control Systems Improve School Security

Limit School Incidents with Modern, Automated Access Control

How Access Control Systems Improve School Security

While it would be ideal to have open campuses in our schools, the reality is that too many incidents can happen that put students, teachers, and staff at risk.  Although violence in school would be the first thing anyone wants to prevent, other problems can occur when a campus is fully open. An irate parent can be a problem to staff, a parent in a custody battle might try to abduct a child, or theft of valuable school equipment like computers can occur.

Of course, over 90% of schools report employing some access control system, even if it is just limiting open entries, so people have to sign in to visit parts of the school. With newer access control systems, schools in Bellaire, TX, can add an extra layer of security at all grade levels. While high schools tend to be more open than middle and elementary campuses, using technology effectively can balance the flexibility of access for those that who it with school security. Keep reading for more.