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How vulnerable are you to employee theft at your Rio Grande Valley, TX business? Secure your most valuable assets with these access control features.

Three Current Trends in Access Control You Should Know About

Lower Touch, Integrated Solutions Lead the Way

Three Current Trends in Access Control You Should Know About

Access control has always been a key component of premises security in organizations and businesses large and small. The most common methods include magnetic key cards and fobs that are easily programmed and managed by a central system software solution. Many systems also still rely on numeric keypads for entering codes, to allow for temporary codes and backup access.

While these systems may not have changed drastically in the past decade, new technology from other sectors is beginning to show up in access control solutions. What are some that you may want to consider to secure your building or campus in the Texas Rio Grande Valley? Keep reading to learn about three of the latest trends.

How Access Control Solutions Can Help Curb the Spread

Touchless Entry and Contact Tracing Can Be Effective Tools to Avoid Community Spread

How Access Control Solutions Can Help Curb the Spread

The challenges around fighting the spread of COVID-19 have been immense. Yet, in some areas, it has accelerated the adoption of technology solutions that have helped mitigate the problems. One example is the widespread use of video meetings and collaboration to enable people to work remotely. While not ideal in all situations, the success of that in many workplaces has caused some employers to rethink their workforce strategies, which could result in more future opportunities for work from home for many for whom it would be highly beneficial.

Other businesses and organizations have thought of contactless solutions to keep business going. Stores like Best Buy have heavily promoted online ordering with efficient store pickups, where just about all physical contact with personnel or the store is eliminated.

In a similar vein, many areas can be rethought for minimizing physical contact that doesn’t add value. Automatic doors eliminate pulls and touching handles, automatic flushing toilets, faucets, and soap and towel dispensing reduce physical contact in bathrooms, and other examples abound. And these things already exist; they do not require unproven new technology, but do require a willingness to replace existing infrastructure for long-term benefits.

Another technology that is proven and can provide rapid benefits is access control. Touchless access control for secure entry has existed for years. And with the advances in today’s software and integration with other intelligent security systems, it can also help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley and throughout Texas.

Keep reading to learn more.

How Can Access Control Help to Prevent Employee Theft?

Security Solutions Aren't Just There to Protect You from External Threats

How Can Access Control Help to Prevent Employee Theft?

Most business security measures are focused on addressing burglary from an intruder or break-in. Access control measures, in particular, are all about keeping the wrong people out. But what if it turns out your employees are the ones responsible for theft on your property? Do you have measures in place to both prevent employee theft and catch it if it does occur?

Some studies estimate U.S. businesses lose up to $50 billion a year to employee theft. Although you can address many concerns through your hiring and training practices, there should always be extra measures in place for a worst-case scenario. In this blog, we'll showcase some ways that access control solutions help you prevent, identify, and respond to employees stealing.