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How can you best protect your staff during an emergency? Mass communication systems ensure a quick, efficient response no matter the threat. Find out how they work.

3 Tips to Make Sure Students Don’t Ignore School Notifications

To get the most from your mass notification system, you need students and parents to read the message

3 Tips to Make Sure Students Don’t Ignore School Notifications

As any marketing or advertising executive will tell you, it’s very difficult to get and maintain the attention of young people, be it in person, online or on social media. They have their own lives, their own priorities, and they are constantly bombarded by digital noise and messages.

These factors make it a challenge for school administrators who want to use mass communication systems as an emergency tool. If you send out an alert and nobody responds because they ignored it, your system isn’t doing you any good.

Fortunately, there are some best practices you can adopt at your Memorial, TX school to ensure your students are seeing and responding to your alerts. If you want to know more, keep reading.

How the Share911 App Protects Your Students in an Emergency

A Modern Approach to Mass Communication Systems Speeds Up Responses

How the Share911 App Protects Your Students in an Emergency

Mass notifications systems play a vital role in protecting staff and students. As school security continues to improve, you shouldn’t forget to upgrade your communications systems as well. For the most efficient, quick and comprehensive response to any incidents in your school, you’re going to need to move beyond traditional intercoms.

How have mass communication systems evolved in schools in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas? Recent advancements are all about reaching people where they spend plenty of time: their smartphones and computers. The Share911 app is the most popular of these approaches. This collaborative communication platform keeps employees informed during emergencies, blackouts, and more.


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