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Why Gunshot Detection Is a Necessity for Schools

When All Other Security Measures Fail, a Gunshot Detection System Can Help

Why Gunshot Detection Is a Necessity for Schools

Did you hear about the $200K COPS grant for the Abernathy and Whiteface Independent School Districts? If you haven’t, we are here to tell you that it has a lot to do with these districts’ proactive approach to school security, including proposals for a new gunshot detection system. A necessity in Lubbock, TX, and anywhere else across our state, these systems are engineered to keep students safe when other security measures have already failed. 

At ASAP Security Services, we design and install school security solutions ranging from access control and surveillance to weapon and gunshot detection. 

Read on to learn more about the role gunshot detection systems play in school security, and how they protect students, teachers, and staff anywhere on school grounds. 

Keep Your Your Commercial Space Safe with a Gunshot Detection System

It’s better to have it and not needing it, than needing it and not having it!

Keep Your Your Commercial Space Safe with a Gunshot Detection System

Mass shooters are cowards. We all know that. Sadly, they are also a constant worry in our country, and your best line of defense is to proactively prepare against them. 

At ASAP Security Services, we understand the importance of protecting your commercial spaces and the people in them. Whether you run a shop, an office building or a school, you need to maintain the safety of your property and the best way to keep your peace of mind is knowing everyone around you is safe and sound. That’s why we have been offering the latest security systems in Conroe, TX, since 1947.

A gunshot detection system is one of the best ways to strengthen your defenses. Thankfully, we have ample experience in protecting businesses ranging from workplaces to schools and government buildings.

Here are a few examples of gunshot detection systems minimizing damage and neutralizing and redirecting attackers in the event of a shooting.

How Do Gunshot Detection Systems Work?

Learn How You Can Protect Your Texas Business, School, or Organization

How Do Gunshot Detection Systems Work?

We hope you’ll never have to use a gunshot detection system. But in the rare case it’s necessary, everyone in your organization will be deeply grateful the technology was in place. 

Whether you’re looking to improve the security of an office building, a school, a government building, or another commercial space, gunshot detection technology can assist where human instincts cannot. 

In the unlikely event of a shooting, frantic 911 calls often can’t locate where exactly a firing occurred. But with gunshot detection technology, you’ll be able to instantly notify authorities of the location on your property. 

With today’s frightening headlines, we all want to protect people as much as possible. If you're curious about how gunshot detection works and will help your Katy, TX organization, learn more below. 

3 of the Many Reasons Schools Need Gunshot Detection Systems Now

Protect Our Children, Teachers, and Staff with the Latest Gunshot Detectors

3 of the Many Reasons Schools Need Gunshot Detection Systems Now

All too frequently, we hear about another shooting at one of our schools. Now, more than ever, it's critical to put a plan in place that goes into effect should an armed individual get past surveillance. Schools must have the technology they need to safeguard children, teachers, and other school staff should an active shooter enter the school grounds. 

That’s where a gunshot detection system comes in. While just one piece of a robust school security system, it’s a vital measure and a system that no school should be without in today’s climate. 

Let's look at what this system can offer your Bellaire, TX school and how it integrates with other devices to provide increased security—a system that can limit injuries and save lives. 


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