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Add to the video analytics of your Katy, TX, business with a license plate recognition system. Here’s how ASAP Security Services can help you with integrations.

How License Plate Recognition Compares to Other School Security Solutions

Proactive LPR Security Can Solve Issues Faster Than Other Methods

How License Plate Recognition Compares to Other School Security Solutions

It was a typical Wednesday morning at the local elementary school in Katy, TX. Students came in from the bus and school dropoff lines, chatting with their classmates and putting away their backpacks and books. Amid the routine chaos, the school's new license plate recognition (LPR) system alerted security personnel about an unrecognized vehicle loitering near the school’s back lot. The license plate didn’t match any in the school's database, and the exact vehicle had been detected multiple times in the past week around the same time frame. 

School security immediately contacted local law enforcement. As it turned out, the vehicle was linked to a series of burglaries in the area. A potentially dangerous and expensive situation was avoided thanks to the proactive measures enabled by the LPR system. 

For school administrators and security leaders in the Katy area, campus safety is a high priority. Technologies like LPR have been proven repeatedly to help avoid safety issues like we described above. But how does license plate recognition capability measure up against other security options? Continue reading to learn more.

3 Benefits of License Plate Recognition

Improve your office surveillance with advanced video analytics

3 Benefits of License Plate Recognition

Ensuring that no unwanted visitors trespass on the premises of your commercial property, and keeping a firm check on all vehicles entering and exiting your property is crucial. While a manual ticketing system may allow you to keep a tab on vehicles, it takes a lot of time and creates bottlenecks. Plus, it isn’t the most effective method of surveillance because of human errors. 

Under such circumstances, you need advanced video analytics that automate the entire process. That’s why we recommend video surveillance systems that incorporate license plate recognition. Read on to discover the top 3 benefits of an LPR system for your Katy, TX, business.