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ASAP Security Services is a commercial security company offering security, access control, custom commercial automation, and more.

ASAP Security Achieves the Pinnacle of Commercial Security

Discover Why the Houston Area Better Business Bureau Recognized Us With Its Top Honor for 2021

ASAP Security Achieves the Pinnacle of Commercial Security

Protecting your business from the multitude of threats facing your facilities and personnel every day requires a trusted partner. Whether you manage a shipping facility, oil and gas services, or a retail mall, you must remain vigilant against fire, theft, and vandalism. You can rest assured with a comprehensive system.

As a premier commercial security company, we derive a great deal of professional satisfaction in a job well done. But, it is also greatly appreciated when institutions like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) bestow one of their highest awards on us.

On October 12, 2021, the Houston, TX chapter of the BBB recognized ASAP Security Services as one of only 236 companies to receive the Pinnace Award this year. Earning this honor for our achievements and commitment to a quality workplace for consecutive years is the result of hard work by our team.

Are you curious about the philosophy and determination that drives our success and your greater safety? Continue reading below to learn more.