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Let our security experts provide your staff with the best tools to protect your students. Find out how our security systems help guards do their jobs in your Austin, TX, campus.

How to Make Sure School Security Guards Are Up to the Task

Provide Staff With the Training and Tools Needed to Succeed

How to Make Sure School Security Guards Are Up to the Task

Every time there is a new shooting at an American school, there’s a rush to increase security standards across the country. During this heightened sense of panic, the first step for many school districts is to increase the number of security guards on campus. Security guards now outnumber school counselors in three of the five biggest school districts in the country.

There are legitimate concerns as to whether this is the proper way to allocate school resources. In many cases, increased security staff may have little impact if not presented with the right training and tools to do the job. Examine the many ways your security staff should be relying on your school security system to keep kids safe on your Austin, TX, campus.