The Essential Commercial Security Systems for Government Buildings

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The Essential Commercial Security Systems for Government Buildings

Security for government buildings offers unique challenges in today’s current environment of increased cyber threats and mass shootings. At ASAP Security Services, we have extensive experience designing, engineering, and installing government security systems, from courthouses to jails, public works, police and fire stations, and city-wide camera systems. Let’s look at what constitutes a comprehensive commercial security system in Austin, TX, and why government agencies require experts in city integration.

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Unique Challenges

Government facilities are protecting more than other commercial enterprises. Public personnel, sensitive reports, classified information, and facilities that terrorist groups may target are at stake. A comprehensive commercial security system must protect visitors and staff while maintaining privacy and complying with regulations.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are designed only to allow authorized personnel to enter a government building. If someone attempts entry without the proper authorization, security or government administration immediately receives a notification. Surveillance cameras capture the attempt, and, if warranted, a lockdown may occur to prevent access at any level.

Some buildings utilize keycards for access. These can be deactivated immediately upon an employee's termination. Biometrics are also commonly used, requiring eye scans or fingerprints for access.

In addition to access control systems at all entrances, government buildings also require different clearance levels throughout a building. These systems can be easily managed to prevent access in certain areas for specific employees. 

Alarm Systems

Burglar and life safety alarm systems, such as fire detection, protect personnel and property. These must meet government regulations and security codes and form a significant aspect of a comprehensive security solution.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance cameras are another critical element of a comprehensive security system. Expertly installed systems monitor not only entrances and common areas, including courtrooms, offices, and jails, but also stairwells, a building's perimeter, gates, and parking lots. Perimeter detection is often the first line of defense, preventing theft or injury before it occurs.

When surveillance systems, alarms, and access control systems work in tandem, you can feel assured that your building and personnel are adequately protected.

24/7 Monitoring and Service

We've been protecting Texans since 1947. To say we take our job seriously is an understatement. We know what's at stake, and because of this, we operate with dedication and a strong sense of responsibility.

This dedication is visible in our state-of-the-art monitoring service that ensures 24/7 protection 365 days a year. Our security alarm monitoring stations are distributed throughout the country, enabling us to deliver the quickest emergency response times and covering all time zones.

Due to our extensive coverage, we can ensure that inclement weather or power outages will not affect our monitoring capabilities. Our stations’ redundant power design has been recognized by The Monitoring Association’s Five Diamond Accreditation.

Video surveillance cameras and security systems are only as good as the people monitoring the activity and maintaining the equipment.

At ASAP Security, we know how easy it is to feel that your building and systems are secure until the unthinkable happens. Our highly experienced, certified technicians can perform security site audits to assess risks and suggest solutions. From large federal agencies to small municipal facilities, we leverage our extensive knowledge in this specialized field to protect the agencies that often protect us. For additional information or to schedule a site audit, contact ASAP Security today.  

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