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How to Approach School Safety Holistically

Use Solutions that Work Together for Better Results

How to Approach School Safety Holistically

One of the things that tend to happen with acquiring infrastructure of all types is that they become islands without connections and interoperability to other islands. In business, companies often buy software solutions based on a specific need – human resources, production, customer service, and so on. Often, they invest heavily in customizing these systems for their needs. There almost always comes a time when these systems need to share information with each other for the business, and that’s when companies often find out how difficult and expensive it can get.

If you are a school administrator at any level, you can undoubtedly come up with these types of examples. Often inertia keeps your organization from moving forward with a new initiative to integrate systems at the cost of productivity, money, and other resources. Compound that with the fact that most school systems are typically strapped for funding, and often the subpar status quo continues.

ASAP Security Services has a long history of serving school systems around Texas with security and technology solutions. We not only offer point solutions, but we also encourage school districts to think about school safety systems strategically, as the safety of our kids is paramount. And that means looking at security solutions that work together, both proactively and reactively, to keep schools in the Rio Grande Valley and Texas as safe as possible.

Read on for some examples of this holistic approach to school security.