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Educators can use gunshot detection technology to protect students and staff throughout schools in Austin, TX. Find out why this technology is so vital in case of an emergency.

How to Respond Quickly to Shootings & Save Lives

Gunshot Detection Technology Lets You Respond Within Milliseconds

How to Respond Quickly to Shootings & Save Lives

Rapid reactions on the part of school officials and authorities are the number one way to prevent injuries during an active shooter situation. Much of the technology created to combat school shootings has this goal in mind. For that reason, every school should have mass notification systems in place to manage a quick and organized response during any emergency.

Notification systems will only succeed, though, if you catch threats as early as possible. That's where gunshot detection systems come into play. Using sensors, they identify gunshots and immediately trigger a reaction: notifying authorities, warning employees through your mass notification system, and instituting an immediate lockdown. 

While it might take a security guard minutes to identify a gunshot and alert others, a gunshot detection system acts within milliseconds. Fast responses will help you save lives in a variety of ways outlined below. With the FBI reporting that 60 percent of shootings are over before law enforcement arrives, changes in response tactics can make a huge difference in your Austin, TX school.