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Thermal security cameras have superior movement and object detection in dark and difficult environments. Learn about this advanced solution here.

Why Thermal Security Cameras Provide Enhanced Protection

They See Differently than Other Cameras

Why Thermal Security Cameras Provide Enhanced Protection

Thanks to advances in processing power and software, video surveillance and security camera systems have both come down in price and significantly increased their capabilities in the past decade. Increasingly, businesses and organizations small and large are finding it cost-effective to implement video monitoring solutions.

Camera features such as night-vision were once the exclusive province of expensive solutions, yet that technology has become widely available now even in consumer DIY security cameras. Most of these cameras take in low light and amplify it significantly, which results in a fuzzy, "noisy" image. To get a better image, the cameras use a near-infrared light beam to reflect more light off the object for the camera to "see."

Thermal security cameras see in a very different way and are often found in high-security applications. Keep reading to learn how they can enhance security around your property and premises in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.