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Learn about the latest video surveillance company trends from one of the U.S.'s largest privately-held systems integration companies—ASAP Security Services.

The Top 3 Video Surveillance Trends to Watch for in 2022

Video Surveillance Will Continue to Expand its Presence in Business Operations

The Top 3 Video Surveillance Trends to Watch for in 2022

As a security team with offices in Houston, TX, and throughout the state, ASAP Security Services is one of the largest privately-held systems integration companies in the U.S. and has served Texans since 1947. To say we are a security and surveillance company that knows a little bit about the business is quite an understatement.

We provide technologically-advanced surveillance and security systems for multiple industries, including healthcare, government, education, hospitality, and oil & gas. To provide the best service, we make it a point to stay up on the latest trends and are proud to say our field workers are some of the most highly trained certified technicians.

Now that you know something about us, let's look at what's trending in the security world and what to look forward to in 2022.