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Articles in Category: Fever Cameras – Corpus Christi, TX

ASAP Security Services offers advanced technology solutions like fever camera systems to help with the COVID-19 response in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas.

3 Best Practices for Implementing Fever Screening Cameras

Keep Your Workspace Safe with Minimal Disruption

3 Best Practices for Implementing Fever Screening Cameras

As the pandemic continues across Texas, the companies and organizations that cannot just have staff work from home want to continue to be productive while still maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. Short of virus testing with a 15-minute result turnaround – still an expensive and not widely available proposition – companies are looking for solutions that, while imperfect, offer a path forward.

Fever cameras are one solution that offers a way to screen staff from one of the best indicators of infection – elevated body temperature or fever. We've discussed several issues around the topic, from correct installation to deployment and even potential funding sources.

If you’re looking to implement fever cameras at your Corpus Christi, TX school, warehouse, factory, or offices, keep reading for some tips on how to best implement this critical solution.