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How to Upgrade Your School’s Outdated Video Surveillance System

You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch—Let’s Update Your School’s Camera System

How to Upgrade Your School’s Outdated Video Surveillance System

Parents today are more anxious about their children’s safety than ever. And when you read about school shootings in the news, it’s easy to understand why. 

Video surveillance systems are an essential component of school safety. However, outdated camera systems installed in the ‘90s and early 2000s record low-quality video footage that is only helpful after an incident has already occurred. To be more proactive about school safety, you’ll need to upgrade to modern, smarter solutions. 

In this blog, we will discuss how Amarillo, TX, schools can improve their existing video surveillance system and how it will transform your school’s approach to safety. 


Discover Peace of Mind with Security & Surveillance School Solutions


Campus administrators are tasked with the Texas-sized job of providing safe and effective learning environments. The students, faculty, and staff spend more time on your school property than most full-time employees are in their offices! Unfortunately, modern schools face safety issues that previous generations simply couldn’t fathom. To provide school-wide protection, your campus, whether it’s in Lubbock or Houston, needs a security plan overhaul.

ASAP Security Services provides remote monitoring and several other security services that can help you adapt your campus to protect your students and teachers. Want to learn how remote monitoring services can add peace of mind and reduce operational frustrations? Keep reading below!

People Want to Know: Do Schools Check Their Security Cameras?

Guarantee Peace of Mind with Video Monitoring Services

People Want to Know: Do Schools Check Their Security Cameras?

At most schools, surveillance cameras are only checked when there’s already been a reported incident. That can de-escalate a situation or identify a suspect, but by the time the cameras are checked, it’s too late to prevent anything from happening. 

How can school security staff prevent situations from reaching that point? 

There are two ways to get ahead of emergencies: through on-site or remote video monitoring. If your Amarillo, TX, school doesn’t currently have a monitoring process in place, here are two methods you can use to better protect your students. 

Why Gunshot Detection In Schools Are Vital

When All Other Security Measures Fail, a Gunshot Detection System Will Keep Your School Safe

Why Gunshot Detection In Schools Are Vital

Even though you always hope your campus won’t be affected, it’s important that you be prepared for all kinds of threats including the prospect of a school shooting. Thanks to smart automated technologies, your staff will be able to respond more quickly to an emergency. 

At ASAP Security Services, we take a technology-based, preemptive approach to school security. After all, there is no substitute to preventing a tragedy altogether. Whenever that’s not possible and a crisis becomes inevitable, a gunshot detection system may prove invaluable in preserving life and minimizing trauma. Read on to learn more!


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