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Responding to COVID-19 with Technology Solutions: Face Mask Detection

Using Sophisticated Video Analytics to Increase Safety

Responding to COVID-19 with Technology Solutions: Face Mask Detection

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges not seen in the U.S., perhaps since World War 2. Here in Texas, as businesses, schools, and other organizations reopen, the problem is how to get society back to regular patterns while maintaining health and safety.

Fortunately, technology can offer solutions. While it’s safe to say that none of the technology solutions currently at our disposal are perfect, they can be a tremendous aid in getting life back to normal parameters without creating undue friction in the economy and life in general.

While wearing face masks is unpleasant for most people, we know that it can help protect against the rampant spread of the virus. One issue that has emerged is how to enforce the wearing of face masks in places where distancing is difficult - like production facilities, schools, restaurants, and many other places – without employing many people or putting others in uncomfortable positions.

Advanced video analytics, like the type that can detect faces and objects, may help. If your organization is wrestling with how to ensure face masks are being used in your facilities or premises in San Antonio, read on for mask detection solutions that may help.