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Articles in Category: K12 Mass Notification System Lubbock, TX

ASAP Security Services provides extensive security for schools in Lubbock, TX, and across the state. Contact us for information on a K12 mass notification system. 

Increase School Safety with a K12 Mass Notification System

Reach Parents and Staff Effortlessly Through Multiple Communication Channels

Increase School Safety with a K12 Mass Notification System

In today's school environment, effective and immediate communication is more critical than ever. Every second counts in emergency situations, whether an active shooter incident, lockdowns, evacuations, a weather-related event, or a natural disaster. Active shooter incidents in particular typically last, at most, 10-15 minutes, with the first few minutes the most critical time to take action and alert those involved so they can seek safety.

More commonly, schools in Lubbock, TX, need a way to reach parents, staff, administrators, and teachers regarding everyday affairs, ranging from school event cancellations, early dismissals, PTA announcements, schedule changes, parent-teacher conferences, rental device management, and much more. The answer to distributing emergency and daily information is a mass notification system

Let’s explore how these systems help send real-time messaging in the event of emergencies or regarding day-to-day events and school news.