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Your access control isn’t just there to prevent intruders. Did you know it can be a vital tool in fighting the coronavirus outbreak in your Austin, TX business?

5 Reasons to Have Access Control on School Campuses

Read more about how adding access control systems to your school keeps everyone safer

5 Reasons to Have Access Control on School Campuses

Installing access control is vital on school campuses to protect students of all ages throughout Texas. An access control system is a security measure that controls who can access a location or a resource. Typical access control methods include PINs, smart cards, key fobs, and biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to gain access to certain approved areas.

If you want to implement this technology on your campus, contact ASAP Security Solutions to learn more about your options. We specialize in installing access control systems on school campuses across Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas.


Robust Access Control Provides the First Line of Defense


Austin ISD, one of the largest school districts in Texas, has moved quickly to address security issues. The district’s interim superintendent Matias Segura spoke with KXAN about the needed changes. “We adjusted our operational procedures so that whenever there is a deficiency identified, whether it is a door that may not be locking or a camera that is not working, it becomes a priority and is addressed in a very short time.” 

Regarding additional safety upgrades, she stated, "I think, unfortunately the challenge that we have is it can't happen soon enough.” Integrating newer, cutting-edge technology takes time, yet it’s this technology that’s required in today’s school environment. Projects to begin in August 2024 for schools in Austin, TX, include better fencing and door locks, upgraded security systems, and security vestibules—a form of access control

This latter upgrade is critical, providing the first line of defense when protecting students and staff. And, while security vestibules offer administrators control over who gains access, additional access control measures provide a needed layer of protection. Let's look at a few of the critical security features it offers.

Securing Schools Through an Access Control System

How Access Control Systems Manage Who Enters School Grounds

Securing Schools Through an Access Control System

As many probably remember, in September 2022, two high schools in the Austin, TX, area received threats in just 24 hours. In March 2023, one student died and another was injured when a student at a high school in Arlington opened fire. According to Forbes, this marks the second school shooting in less than a month and places Texas as the number one state for gunfire on school grounds since tracking started in 2013.

In response, many schools across Texas have fortified their entrances, installing access control. They’ve created one secure entrance or vestibule, where staff can monitor who comes and goes, as well as a strong perimeter to stop those intending harm.

Let’s look at how these access control systems offer the first line of defense while maintaining a calm atmosphere and a sense of safety.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Off School Property with Access Control

Secure your campus with an access control system

Keep Unwanted Visitors Off School Property with Access Control

Your school entry points are your first line of defense, thus making it essential to add solid security solutions right at the start. 

While you can choose between multiple school security features, access control is among the top additions that can prevent intruders from forcing their way into the campus. 

Instead of using conventional door locks, controlled access enables you to grant and restrict access based on the input information, which may be facial features, fingerprints, keycards, PIN codes, or passwords. 

Read on to discover how these solutions mitigate threats and protect your school in Austin, TX.