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Using Advanced Technology Solutions for Occupancy Control

How Video Analytics Systems Help Maintain Social Distancing

Using Advanced Technology Solutions for Occupancy Control

Are you a user of Google Photos? Or the Photos App on your iPhone or other Apple device? Did you know you could search for pictures of your dog in your photo library? Or that you can search for people? Chances are you already do this regularly or know about it. Today's consumer security cameras also have varying levels of facial and pet recognition.

That capability has taken many years of software development to perfect and make available in a way that works consistently. It is a combination of powerful hardware, sophisticated software algorithms, and cloud computing. All the sharing that we do of photos and videos has accelerated the development of these technologies, as analyzing petabytes of data helps perfect the software algorithms.

That same advanced technology may hold the key to helping combat the spread of COVID-19. One of the challenges in maintaining social distancing is keeping tabs on the number of people in a given location. It can and has been done manually, but for large venues and facilities with multiple entrances, it becomes a daunting challenge. Fortunately, some forthcoming occupancy control system solutions may help respond to the problem.

Read on to learn how video analytics technology for occupancy control can help curb the spread in Houston and major locations throughout Texas.