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Ava Aware Cloud® video management system

Tap into Aware’s AI capabilities to detect and stop incidents before it’s too late

Ava’s Aware is a powerful, cloud-based AI video management system that leverages machine learning capabilities that are perfect for both small deployments and large enterprises in the Houston, TX, area. Analyze real-time video feeds from Ava Security and third-party cameras and identify key people, objects, vehicles, and events. When it detects unusual activity or violations of custom-set rules, it will send instant alarms to key stakeholders—search footage by objects, events, vehicles, and people through days of video in seconds. Aware makes managing your devices and security systems across sites on the web-based interface or mobile phone apps easy. Integrate your existing access control systems, dashboards, communication systems, sensors, and more to get a complete view of your entire security ecosystem from a single centralized interface.


Heatmaps bring more awareness of customer behavior, including congestion, transportation flows, congestion, and more. This makes them the perfect fit for business, healthcare, educational facilities, hospitality businesses, venues, transport, and federal government offices.

Map View with Smart Presence

The Aware feature allows you to add maps configured to include camera and alarm views of all your properties for better situational insights. Monitor people, vehicles, and other objects on your property.

Occupancy Counting

Occupancy counting makes it easy to monitor large properties and track the flow of people and vehicles. In-view area counting allows you to monitor specific congested areas, and API calls create heat maps on customized interfaces to alert people about occupancy levels.

Fast Investigations with Smart Search

Ava Aware can quickly search footage by event and similarity using machine-learning-powered appearance and image protection. Look through hours of video in minutes, improving overall efficiency and accuracy. Speed up investigations with just a few taps of a button.

Timeline with Smart Presence

Use video view to browse through thumbnails on a rich playback timeline that features people, vehicles, and overall motion separately to better understand key events caught on camera.

Video View with Spotlight

Ava Aware Cloud video management software uses deep learning and the Spotlight feature to dynamically select the most relevant video streams and bring them to the viewer’s attention. Real-time alerts will appear on the video wall to summarize the problem, where it occurred, and the time.

Secure Remote Access And Link Sharing

Select important clips and generate a link to send to anyone that might need to review them, such as law enforcement or your Human Resources staff. Those with the link will be able to view footage without requiring login credentials in Aware. In addition, companies can set the access availability or whether the viewer can download the footage.

Access Control

Access control solutions are the best way to monitor who is coming in and out of your property. Receive alerts based on specific events based on your preferences, and review entrances and exits from a centralized interface. You can even grant access to authorized personnel from the same system!

Intuitive Interface

Ava Aware boasts an intuitive user interface that makes security monitoring of your Houston, TX, area business more efficient with processes, tools, and more features. In addition, Ava security constantly improves its user interface to make Aware easy to use.

Mobile Aplication

The Ava Aware Android and iOS apps offer a wide set of features similar to the web client, whether you want to manage alarms or view live video. In addition, users can easily navigate between the web and mobile app interfaces. 

Simple Configuration

Ava video security cameras make installing and adding cameras simple. Management is scalable with group configuration policies. Users can access camera information, advanced video adjustments, and activity logs in a single place in your business in the Katy, TX, area.

Smart Recording

Smart Recording™ actively changes the resolution stream for your camera recordings to save on storage space. It will automatically record when people or vehicles are present with maximum resolution and switch to lower resolutions when nothing is happening. 

Single View

Turn your third-party cameras into a smart security system that integrates seamlessly with your Ava video security cameras on the cloud, all on a single interface.


ASAP Security Services is your trusted local Ava unified security dealer. Our experts are here to help you with all of your security solutions, whether for a single building or multiple properties in the Corpus Christi, TX, area.