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Is it time to upgrade your Corpus Christi, TX detection systems with an EST fire alarm system? Click through to find out more.

Provide Maximum Protection With EST Fire Alarm Systems

Discover How the Advanced Sensors and Services from Edwards Offer the Best in Safety

Provide Maximum Protection With EST Fire Alarm Systems

The US Fire Administration’s latest survey of nonresidential building fire trends from 2010 through 2019 shows a 30% rise in incidents and a 50% increase in death and serious injuries. Over a nine-year period, flames consumed just under 3 billion dollars in damage and untold loss of income for municipalities and individuals. 

Ensuring the safety of the property and people on your campus or institution is a great responsibility that can hold livelihoods and lives in balance. In order to provide the maximum protection, you need to be confident in the equipment installed; any failure or missed sign can be lethal. 

Are you ready to explore how the rugged and reliable EST Fire Alarm system offers the best solution for your Corpus Christi, TX facility? Continue reading below to find out more.