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Protecting Students and Staff with Advanced School Security Solutions

The Role of Video Surveillance, AI, and Biometrics

Protecting Students and Staff with Advanced School Security Solutions

It’s been over five years since the tragic mass shooting at Santa Fe, TX, high school. Since then, security enhancements have included active shooter buttons placed throughout the school and worn by teachers. Vestibules at school entrances enable school administrators to clear visitors before entering. They’ve also installed metal detectors, and campus security assistants keep an eye on the school district’s network of security cameras.

And, of course, students, parents, and staff continue to wonder, is it enough? Are there additional school security solutions that should be implemented?

At ASAP Security Services, our security company has served Texans for over 70 years. Our podcast is dedicated to speaking with legislators, leading security experts, and school administrators, exploring the complexities of school safety. The following represent some of the recommended strategies.