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Use Video Analytics to Help Enforce Public Safety Measures

Cloud-based video analytics provide a safe, low-contact solution for monitoring and enforcing safety measures in large spaces

Use Video Analytics to Help Enforce Public Safety Measures

Schools, businesses and offices are reopening in Houston, TX, even as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country. This creates a dilemma for business owners and managers: how can they open their doors for business as usual, but keep everyone on the premises safe?

Unfortunately, dispatching employees to the ground floor to monitor customers and enforce mask-wearing and social distancing is not the right answer. For one, it increases the risk that employees in close contact with customers will catch the virus. For another, it’s just not effective. If multiple people are moving around your location, employees can’t possibly monitor everyone.

That’s where video analytics comes in. Cloud-based video analytics is a low-contact solution that enables businesses to monitor and detect customers who are violating safety measures. Keep reading to learn more.