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Make emergency management at your Lubbock, TX, school a breeze with a mass notification system. Here’s how ASAP Security Services can help with installation. 

Why Every School Needs a Mass Notification System

Emergency Communications Are Indispensable on Texas Campuses

Why Every School Needs a Mass Notification System

Many of you likely remember the string of social media threats directed at schools across the South Plains. While schools in Lubbock, TX, felt no credible threat warranted immediate action, neighboring Ralls ISD and Olton and Plainview High Schools issued lockouts as a precautionary measure. In this situation, only parents and guardians can pick up students.

In today’s environment, spreading false threats like this can leave everyone anxious and uncertain. In instances like this, a mass notification system can instill a sense of safety across the community, alerting staff and parents if there is cause for alarm and the appropriate action to take. 

Let’s explore what these systems offer and why every school in Texas should have one. 

Become More Responsive to Emergencies with a Mass Notification System

Learn how Advanced Networking Devices (AND) and Crisis GO make mass communication effortless

Become More Responsive to Emergencies with a Mass Notification System

A school uses a mass notification system more than you’d think. From keeping students updated about upcoming events or early dismissals, the applications of mass communication systems are limitless. But above all else, they are helpful for improving emergency management. 

When the right message gets out in time, it makes your school more responsive, allowing you to handle situations as smoothly as possible. 

Advanced Networking Devices (AND) offers some of the best IP and PoE endpoints on the market today that configure with your mass communication system from Crisis Go. Read on to discover how AND and Crisis Go can improve communication at your Lubbock, TX, school.