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At ASAP Security Services, we've protected our clients in Dallas, TX, with intrusion detection and security systems since 1947. Call us to learn more. 

The Importance of Preemptive Measures in School Security

Intrusion Detection Uses AI Technology to Prevent the Unthinkable

The Importance of Preemptive Measures in School Security

About six months ago, hundreds of students walked out of schools in Dallas, TX, in a demonstration of gun violence at schools. The protest came shortly after the deadly school shooting in Nashville, about one month after a student at Dallas’ Thomas Jefferson High School was shot and another student killed outside of Lamar High School.

A new law took effect at the start of the 2023 school year, requiring all Texas public schools to have at least one armed guard on staff. However, many of the campuses cannot comply due to budgetary constraints and insufficient officers.

So, what can schools do? The most important considerations are preemptive measures that stop an intruder or someone intending harm before they take action. Let’s explore how intrusion detection works and how it protects schools. 

Protect Your School with Intrusion Detection

Keep Unwanted Intruders Off School Property with

Protect Your School with Intrusion Detection is one of the leaders in security systems for homes and businesses, and its platform is perfect for keeping K-12 schools safe. No matter how large or small your school campus is,’s integrated platform can monitor your entire school, and you can manage it from one dashboard. 

One of the most attractive features of is its intrusion detection technology. Discover how this smart security feature adds a level of safety to your school. 

The Benefits of Physical Intrusion Detection Systems

Secure Businesses, Schools, and Government Agencies with the Latest Proactive Security Measures

The Benefits of Physical Intrusion Detection Systems

In our over 70 years of protecting businesses, schools, and government agencies, we’ve learned that the best type of security is one that takes a proactive stance. Once an intruder enters the grounds, it becomes much more difficult to protect our children, employees, clients, and assets.

An intrusion detection system is one of the systems we employ that keep our clients safe in Dallas, TX. Let’s explore what they are and how they’re indispensable in a robust security system.