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Articles in Category: Antimicrobial Films, Texas

Antimicrobial films on high-touch surfaces help curb the spread of disease in workplaces across Texas. Contact ASAP Security Services to learn more.  

Make Workplaces Safer With Antimicrobial Coating Products

Use antimicrobial film coatings to help curb the spread of disease from high-touch surfaces in the workplace

Make Workplaces Safer With Antimicrobial Coating Products

For business owners and managers with employees heading back to the office in Texas, the number one question on their minds right now is this: how can I make the workplace as safe as possible for my employees and staff members?

At ASAP Security Services, we’ve been keeping you up-to-date on all the latest solutions to help combat the coronavirus’s spread — read up on mask detection solutions and temperature screening systems to see if they’re right for your business. Today, we’ll discuss another technology solution designed to keep workplaces safer and more sanitary: antimicrobial films that cover high-touch surfaces.

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