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Articles in Category: EST Fire Alarm Katy, TX

From EST fire alarms to gunshot detection, ASAP Security Services is the premier safety solutions expert serving Katy and Greater Houston, TX.

Add Customizable Safety Measures with EST Fire Alarms

Stay Protected How, When, and Where Your Site Needs It the Most!

Add Customizable Safety Measures with EST Fire Alarms

The ASAP Security Services team has written extensively about school safety, and we take pride in being a premier EST fire alarm provider to campuses in Katy and the Greater Houston region. 

With advanced fire safety measures, your Texas facility can not only prevent extensive property damage due to smoke and fire incidents, but you’ll be able to save lives with extensive security, mass notification, and site-wide control when and where it matters the most!

Keep reading below to discover how an EST alarm goes beyond the basic fire alarm to protect your students, faculty, and staff.