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Is your fire alarm monitoring prepared to meet inspection by the Fire Marshall? Find out how ASAP security ensures your Fort Worth, TX, business is compliant.

How to Make Sure Your Building Meets Fire Codes

ASAP Security Helps You Pass the Fire Marshall’s Inspection

How to Make Sure Your Building Meets Fire Codes

Not abiding by your local fire code ordinances not only leaves your building tenants at risk, but even small offenses could result in fines of up to $2,000. Laws vary slightly from county to county, but overall, they all cover the same precautions when it comes to dealing with hazardous material, proper electrical wiring, occupancy limits, access control systems, and ongoing fire alarm monitoring.

The experts at ASAP Security ensure your fire alarm monitoring meets all requirements by offering enterprise-grade equipment and design, professional monitoring services, and ongoing testing and maintenance. This blog highlights some standard fire code requirements and information on how our team can ensure your Fort Worth, TX, property meets all of them.