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Temperature screening kiosks can form the first line of defense to help curb the spread of COVID-19 in many situations. Learn more about this emerging solution here.

3 Considerations for Implementing Temperature Screening Kiosks

Volume, Throughput, and Integration Matter

3 Considerations for Implementing Temperature Screening Kiosks

In the battle to bring this pandemic to heel, astounding sums of money are being spent on a myriad of solutions, from mitigation to therapies to cures. Until a foolproof vaccine or treatment is developed, unfortunately, we are still stuck with needing to use effective mitigation measures to stop the spread of disease.

ASAP Security has been at the forefront of partnering with reputable technology firms to bring effective mitigation solutions like temperature screening kiosks to organizations across Texas. We've also written extensively in this blog about the pros and cons of these solutions and what firms need to consider when implementing them.

If you’re considering a temperature screening solution as a tool to keep your workforce and customers safe in Houston, read on for some additional considerations in our ongoing series.

Why Trust ASAP Security for Your Temperature Screening Solution?

Self-Testing Kiosk or Staffed Camera, We Know Advanced Security and Monitoring

Why Trust ASAP Security for Your Temperature Screening Solution?

In this continuing blog series, we have discussed several technology solutions to help organizations cope with the response to COVID-19 and keep customers, staff, students, and all constituents as safe as possible.  Unfortunately, in any serious situation – where there is money to be made – invariably, many companies spring up and claim to have solutions and know-how to solve a pressing problem.

We want to use this post to tell you about ASAP Security and why you should trust us with advanced security solutions like temperature screening kiosks and cameras. We can assure you that not every company that might propose these solutions has over six decades of operational history in Texas. We’re also not here to make broad claims about what these solutions can do; we are mindful of their limitations. Nonetheless, we are confident that these advanced technologies, correctly implemented, can and will help increase safety in Houston during this pandemic.

Keep reading below to learn more about ASAP’s experience and the services we offer to be confident that we are the right partner for all your advanced security needs.