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Articles in Category: Active Shooter System

Protect the safety of students and teachers with an active shooter system to identify gunshot detection in your school. Learn more about the technology here.

Incorporate Active Shooter Technology Into Your Emergency Response Plan

Gunshot detection technology ensures swift action and communications during emergency responses

Incorporate Active Shooter Technology Into Your Emergency Response Plan

Nobody likes to think about an active shooter breaching school grounds and firing a gun near students and teachers. But if you run a school in San Antonio, TX, critically thinking through an emergency response plan for an active shooter is a crucial and necessary part of your job.

An active shooter system is a valuable aspect of an emergency response plan for schools. Gunshot detection technology automates important actions that must be taken at the time of a shooting: alerting the police, notifying students and teachers, and locking down the school. detection system works faster than human responses do, ensuring swift action and communication when you need it most. 

If you’ve recently installed gunshot detection technology in your school, consider our tips for implementing it into your existing response plan.